• Training Training is the hallmark of our services. Our courses are delivered by practicing professionals and are tailored for the audience. For example, our Energy Efficiency and Load Management measures evaluation course for moderately experienced professionals incorporates minimal theory. For many Energy Efficiency and Load Management Measures taught in this course, it “cuts right to the chase” by teaching the parameters that are needed, calculation methodology and cost estimation.
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  • Consulting Consulting practice delivers solutions and strategies that are measurable and actionable. We differentiate ourselves by working as an integral member of your management and operations team and perform holistic analysis taking into account your business rules and constrain to ensure sustainable energy and cost savings.
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  • Implementation Implementation arm offers truly independent and unbiased solutions. We are not affiliated with any energy supplier, utility, curtailment service provider or manufacturer and we act independently and solely on behalf of our clients best interest. Our engineers are conversant in both English and Metric system of units. We can form strategic partnerships with experienced firms and have the ability to offer our services anywhere in the world.
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"Advanced Excel for Energy Professionals - Tips, Tricks, and Techniques"

A comprehensive web based course on Microsoft Excel specifically tailored for Energy Engineers, Energy Managers, Energy Analysts, Consultants, Utility Program Managers and Industry Specialists.

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